Dr. Robert Schleip discusses Fascia (B&I 15)

schleip-science.jpg Books and Ideas Podcast #15 is an interview with Robert Schleip, PhD from the University of Ulm in Germany. Dr. Schleip is an experienced practioner of the body work method known as rolfing, but several years ago he went back and earned his PhD in Biology and began a second career as a research scientist. In our interview we discuss some of the recent discoveries that may revolutionize the way we look at the connective tissue that is commonly called fascia. We also talk about the importance of applying the scientific method to the evaluation of alternative and complimentary healing methods (CAM). Dr. Schleip's enthusiasm for science made this a very enjoyable interview. Listen to the interview now.

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References and Links: Dr. Schleip recommends the Wikipedia entry on Fascia if you would like to learn the basics. To learn more about Dr. Schleip's work visit the Fascia Research Project website at http://www.fasciaresearch.de/ The First International Congress International Research Congress was held in October, 2007 in Boston, MA. You can find some of the scientists Dr. Schleip mentions on this speaker page. Click here for more references, including those written in German. Listen to Books and Ideas Episode 15 Subscribe to this podcast Subscribe via iTunes™ Subscribe by email Leave comments at the Discussion Forum
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