An American Living in France (B&I 10)

guillestre202.jpgGuillestre in the French Alps

Show Notes

Make sure you got Episode 10 because episode 1 was accidentally uploaded. It was only up a few minutes but if you got the wrong episode please note that this has been corrected.

This episode of Books and Ideas is a conversation with writer Kirk McElhearn , a native New Yorker, who has lived in France for over 20 years. We talk about the challenges of learning a second language, and what it is like to live in France after 9/11. McElhearn is able to bring some interesting historical perspective to current events. Unfortunately there is some echo in the second half of this interview, which was recorded using Skype™ and Audio Hijack Pro™.

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Kirkville is Kirk McElhearn's excellent blog where you can find Mac™ and iTunes™ hints, as well as commentary on books and digital music.

Here is a list of his books from

The Killer Angels: A Novel of the Civil War by Michael Shaara This is an excellent novel that I talked about briefly on an earlier podcast. It is also available in audio download format from Kirk said he has this book coming from BookMooch.

BookMooch started by the founder of Magnatune, this is a great place to exchange books