Why Podcast? with Elsie Escobar (BI 57)

Elsie escobar (click to play interview)

Elsie escobar (click to play interview)

Elsie Escobar works harder than anyone else I know to promote the work of her fellow podcasters. In Episode 57 of Books and Ideas we share our passion for the medium and reflect on some of the changes recent growth has brought. We agree that podcasting allows people from all backgrounds to share their personal passions with others around the world. It also allows us to connect with listeners where ever they are and to be part of the vibrant podcasting community.

Elsie said "One of the most incredible things is if you have something to say, if you know that there’s a conversation that you just have to have, or that isn’t being had out in the world, you can have that conversation. This is the best thing ever that I get a chance to talk about these things that I never had a chance to talk about before."

Of course, many newer podcasters seem to be obsessed with making money even though the reality is that few will succeed if that is their main goal.  I think it is better to approach podcasting as a passion, like writing or even as a hobby, like golf. Both of these activities take a great deal of time and skill but few people do them for money! 

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