Part 2 of "On Being Certain" with Robert Burton, MD (BSP 43)

Episode 43 of the Brain Science Podcast is an interview with Robert A Burton, MD, author of On Being Certain: Believing You Are Right Even When You're Not, which I discussed in Episode 42. Dr. Burton tells us what inspired him to write this book and we explore some of the implications of the fact that what he calls the "feeling of knowing" comes from our unconscious, including the fact that it is not as reliable as it feels.

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Show Notes and Links

Robert A Burton, MD

Previous Episodes of the Brain Science Podcast:

  • Episode 42: Part 1 of our discussion of On Being Certain

  • Episode 13: Unconscious Decisions-featuring Blink by Malcom Gladwell

  • Episode 15: Interview with Read Montague about unconscious decisions

Other scientists/writers mentioned in this episode:

Other terms mentioned in the interview:

Cotard's Syndrome: when the patient believes they do not exist or that they are dead

cognitive dissonance: a mismatch between what one believes and what the evidence supports

Listen to Episode 43 of the Brain Science Podcast

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