Does Free Will Exist? (B&I 12)

This episode is my response to the The Myth of Free Will (2007), which was sent to me by the book's editor Cris Evatt. I felt the topic was very relevant to my recent discussions on the Brain Science Podcast, where we have been exploring the evidence that a surprising amount of decision-making occurs beyond our conscious control.

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I have tried to include some interesting references and links below, but I hope you will share more links (especially good blogs) at the new Brain Science Podcast Forum, which is located at I have set aside a section under "Off-Topic Discussions" for discussions about Books and Ideas.

The subject of free will is quite controversial. This episode is intended to stimulate thought and discussion, rather than to convince you that I have the answers.

Show Notes

The difference between political and psychological free will

Can a non-physical soul or spirit be controlling our brain's decisions?

Naturalism (What is Naturalism? by Thomas W. Clark founder of The Center For Naturalism)

What about choice and responsibility?

What does neuroscience have to say about free will?

Partial List of Writers Whose Work I discuss

References and Further Reading

Why Choose This Book?: How We Make Decisions (2006) by Read Montague (Dr. Montague was interviewed on the Brain Science Podcast #15.)

The Problem of the Soul: Two Visions of Mind and How to Reconcile Them (2003)
by Owen Flanagan

Freedom Evolves (2003) by Daniel C. Dennett

Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul (1994) by Francis Crick

Links of Interest

Center For Naturalism

The Garden of Forking Paths-A philosophy blog devoted to agency theory, including related issues in Philosphy of Action, Moral Psychology, Metaphysics and Ethics

I will try to expand this list in the future.