Mini-review: Children of Men by PD James (audiobook)

childrenofmen.gif The Children of Men by PD James was actually published back in 1993 and the story is set in 2021. The basic premise is that no human babies have been born since 1995 (for 25 years). This is an interesting premise, but the book was disappointing. Obviously such an situation would would have many consequences, most of them bad. James concentrates on the psychological consequences, which fine, but the problem is that none of the characters, including the narrator and the younger woman he falls in love with, are engaging.

The plot becomes rather predictable. Instead of finding myself sitting in the car wanting hear more, I found myself procrastinating. Finally I forced myself to listen to the last hour. I won't give away the end, but I will say that it did not change my overall disappointment.

I haven't seen the movie so I do not know if they changed anything significant. Unfortunately, this is the first PD James book I have read and I do not feel inclined to read more. If any of you have read more PD James, please leave a comment comparing this to her other work.