Some highlights from Recent Science Podcasts

imgoingtopodcampatlanta.jpgI recently posted a list of some of my favorite science podcasts. Today I want to mention a few recent episodes that I think are worth listening to.

First, on March 8th, the BBC 4 podcast In Our Time did an excellent review of the history of Microbiology. Host Melvyn Bragg is joined by John Dupré , Professor of Philosophy of Science and Director of Egenis, the ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society, at Exeter University, Anne Glover , Chief Scientific Advisor for Scotland and Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at Aberdeen University, and Andrew Mendelsohn , Senior Lecturer in the History of Science and Medicine at Imperial College, University of London.

Jason Rennie of The Sci Phi Show has a reputation for getting interviews with many diverse people, usually on subjects related to philosophy. This week he posted two episode on the philosophy of science . Outcast #33 is an interview with Steve Fuller about Thomas Kuhn and Sir Karl Popper , who made important contributions to the philospohy of science during the 20th Century. Outcast #34 is a discussion with Dr. Del Ratzsch about the philosophy of science. His viewpoint on the conflict between science and religion is different from mine, but it is still an interesting interview.