Wizzard Media chooses the Brain Science Podcast as a featured podcast


I am proud to announce that Wizzard Media, the new owner of Libsyn, has chosen the Brain Science Podcast to be part of its network. You can find the Brain Science Podcast on the Wizzard.tv Science and Medicine page, and I have been told that it will also appear on the Wizzard Media page of the iTunes Store when it is updated.

Since Rob Walch has recently been named vice-president in charge of podcaster relations at Wizzard Media, I am hopeful that this will help the Brain Science Podcast reach a larger audience, and perhaps give me a chance to make a little advertising revenue.

Obviously, a podcast like mine is never going to appeal to a mass audience, but it does have a very loyal following. Potential advertisers like to reach audiences that are intelligent and well-educated. However, I need some data to show who is listening to the show. Wizzard Media has set up an anonymous survey that I hope you will take a few minutes to complete.

Complete the Survey Now