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Celebrating 8 Years of Podcasting

Podcasting officially turned 10 years old in 2014 and in December my two shows, Books and Ideas and the Brain Science Podcast celebrated their 8th anniversaries. I also celebrated my 30th year since graduation from medical school by returning to the University of Alabama at Birmingham to do a Fellowship in Palliative Care. I plan to write more about that another time but today I wanted to take a look back on last year's podcasts.

Books and Ideas (2014)

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Brain Science Podcast (2014)

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Introducing Palliative Medicine (BI 56)

Amos Bailey, MDI recently started a Fellowship in Palliative Medicine after spending over 20 years practicing Emergency Medicine. Most people know little or nothing about this emerging speciality. Even worse misconceptions and misunderstandings are very common. My lastest Books and Ideas podcast is an interview with Dr. Amos Bailey, who is a genuine pioneer in both Hospice and Palliative Medicine. He gives us an inside look at how Palliative Medicine emerged out of the incredible technical advances of modern medicine. He also dispells some of the most common misunderstandings. This interview will also give you some insight into why I am making this major career change.

Listen to Episode 56 of Books and Ideas

Episode Transcript (Download PDF)




  • I am giving a lecture to the Undergraduate Society for Neuroscience at UAB on November 18, 2014. Go to the Brain Science Podcast website to learn more.

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"Go Wild" with Dr. John Ratey (podcast)

Richard Manning and John Ratey (click photo to play mp3)Episode 55 of Books and Ideas is an interview with Dr. John Ratey, co-author of Go Wild: Free Your Body and Mind from the Afflictions of Civilization. There is considerable evidence that our hunter-gatherer ancestors were generally suprisingly healthy, so the purpose of this book and our conversation was to explore the scientific evidence supporting a return to a healthier lifestyle. We touch on diet, exercise, the role of sleep and even meditation. We also explore the importance of our relationship with nature and each other.

Listen to Episode 55 of Books and Ideas

Episode Transcript (Download PDF)

Since I have previously interviewed Dr. Ratey about his books Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain (BSP 33) and Driven To Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood (BSP 45), I will be also be posting this episode in the Brain Science Podcast feed.



  • This episode of Books and Ideas will appear in the Brain Science Podcast feed tomorrow. The next episode of the Brain Science Podcast will be posted in late July.
  • Since I am starting a Fellowship in Palliative Care Medicine next month I am not sure when I will publish another episode of Books and Ideas, but I do plan a future episode about Palliative Care.
  • I am speaking at The Amazing Meeting next month in Las Vegas. Check the schedule for the exact time and be sure to drop me an email if you are going to be there.
  • I also plan to attend Podcast Movement 2014 which is being held in Dallas in August.

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Interview with HIV Pioneer Michael Saag, MD


Michael Sagg, MD (click to listen)Episode 54 of Books and Ideas is an interview with Dr. Michael Saag, one of the pioneers in the battle against HIV-AIDS and author of the provocative new book Positive: One Doctor's Personal Encounters with Death, Life, and the US Healthcare System. When I asked him why he wrote his book he said bluntly "Because I am angry!"

Saag shares the frustration of most American physicians who struggle with the current chaos that we call a healthcare "system." As he notes on page 2 of Positive,  “over three decades of unparalleled advances in science and healing, so much about practicing medicine seems to have gotten worse. Medical professionals’ time with patients has decreased while the workload had increased. The cost of patient care has risen by every measure, while insurers appear to profit more and help less.”

In Positive Dr. Saag blends the inside story of how HIV-AIDS was transformed from a death sentence to a manageable chronic medical condition with a candid discussion of our sytems failings. He recognizes that those of us who want to see real change face an uphill battle against powerful, (and rich) entrenched interests who are profiting from the current chaos, but it is his hope that Positive will motivate physicians and patients to use the actvisim that helped spur success against AIDS as an inspiration to fight together for change.

Listen to Episode 54 of Books and Ideas

Episode Transcript (Download PDF)




  • I will be speaking at The Amazing Meeting, which will be held in Las Vegas, NV July 10-13, 2014.
  • I will also be attending the Podcast Movement in Dallas TX, August 16, 17 2014.
  • The most recent episosde of the Brain Science Podcast (BSP 108) is an interview with Dr. Michael Graziano author of Consciousness and the Social Brain. The next episode will come out at the end of this month.
  • The next episode of Books and Ideas will be with Dr. John Ratey about his new book Go Wild.
  • In July 2014 I will be starting a one year fellowship in Palliative Care Medicine at the UAB School of Medicine. I am not sure yet how this will impact my podcasting schedule.




Podcast Explores Sleep Science (BSP 107)

The latest episode of the Brain Science Podcast (BSP 107) is an interview with Dr. Penelope Lewis, author of The Secret World of Sleep: The Surprising Science of the Mind at Rest.



Click here to play the interview.

Click here for the full show notes and episode transcript.


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